Jewellery and headdresses designer
accessories, clutchs, jewellery, headdresses, woman.
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Totsisa is a brand of UNIQUE, one of a kind accessories. Every piece is an EXCLUSIVE item. Our Totsisa clutchs are unique and made using the best quality of fabrics such as raffia, snake,etc. Is a  brand for everyone who wants to feel elegant and dress up a simple outfit with our accessories.  Top style bloggers and celebrities such as…… love our items.  

Totsisa is a girl who feels sure in her own skin, with her hopes and DREAMS up in the sky, she ROCKS her style anywhere she goes, nothing can´t stop her, she doesn’t want to be like everyone else. Totsisa can be you. She likes to SPARK with a simple outfit and outstanding accessories. She is proud of herself for being feminine and  likes to play, dress up and feel  effortless chic. 

Totsisa is available at our website where you can buy online via orders and also at multi concept stores and multi brand shops in Madrid , San Sebastian as well. Hopefully we hope to sell also  in  London. This stylish items are really easy  to match with any outfit, in two seconds you can dress a simple outfit and be effortless elegant with Totsisa accessories. Seduce the world with our accessories. (we design and create just for you and customise accessories) We are inspired by beauty in everything that inspire us  like fashion, films, museums, music, travel, life, everything that catch our eyes and interest.